ASProtect 64 - new 64-bit apps protection from ASPack Software

ASPack Software presented brand new product – ASProtect 64. It designed for protection of 64-bit applications against copying, analysis and cracking of software products that distributed via internet or any physical media. Distinctive feature of the new product is support of 64-bit applications and .NET applications protection only. Moreover, ASProtect 64 is based on absolutely new protection engine never used by ASPack Software before.

ASProtect 64 consists of the following elements:

Right holder is granted by ability to implement software licensing system. The following license limitations are supported:

Furthermore, it’s extremely convenience and important that right holder is able to adjust protected program’s functionality. This allows to release applications with different functions using only one distributive. Information about functionality limits encoded into activation key. Thus, distribute of different activation keys right holder realize application multi-module structure.

ASProtect 64 supports protection of the following file types::

There are following features among base ASProtect 64 functional:

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